The Waukegan Public Library complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Patrons needing an accommodation for a disability are asked to contact the Library at (847) 623-2041 at least 48 hours in advance of the program or visit.

Accessible parking

Three handicapped parking spaces for properly identified vehicles are located around the library. The spaces are located:

  • the space closest to the main entrance on Clayton Street
  • the space closest to the main entrance on County Street
  • the space closest to the handicapped ramp at the rear of the building in the staff lot


The main entrance of the building brings you into the first floor which has Customer Service, Adult Services, Study Rooms, Classrooms A/B, Elizabeth Whitlow Computer Lab, and offices for Adult Education.

The elevator with the blue door near the main entrance will take you to the lower level where the Ray Bradbury Room, the Children’s Department, the Early Learning Center (ELC), the Literacy Suite, and the Children’s Literacy Classroom are located.

Administration, additional offices, and the Board Room are located on the second floor and are accessible to patrons. If you are arriving at the Library for a meeting with staff in Library Administration, please stop by the Customer Service desk, and a staff member will escort you upstairs.


Accessible restrooms are available on the main floor and lower level of the building.

Assistive Technology Devices

Microfilm Reader

The microfilm reader has enlargement capabilities for the microfilm being viewed.


Responding to patron requests, the library acquired JAWS Screen Reading Software for the blind and visually impaired. JAWS reads aloud whatever appears on a PC screen, enabling those with vision loss to perform the same functions on a computer as a sighted person, from reading email to surfing the Net.

Patrons may reserve a two-hour time slot to use JAWS on the PC in the Kevin Gorter Tutoring Room on the library’s lower level. Currently the library does not offer JAWS training, so the software is only intended for use by those already familiar with it.