Business Resources

Library patron working on a laptop. © steven e grossCompany and Industry Information

Securities and Exchange Commission:  Edgar Database of Corporate Information

An electronic archive of reports that large, publicly traded companies file with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Includes reports for domestic companies from May 1996 forward and from foreign companies from November 2002 forward, with earlier reports for some companies. The annual report is called a “10-K” and includes company history, products, competitors, mission, employees, and financials. (For foreign companies, look for the 20-F instead.) Click “Search for Company Filings” > “Company or fund name. . .”

Forbes’ List of Largest Private U.S. Companies

Provides brief overview of business, directory information, and executive names.

Thomas Register of American Manufacturers

An online directory of American manufacturers and distributors and their products. Click “Supplier Discovery” and search by product/service category, company name, brand name, or UNSPSC Commodity Code.

Big Charts from Market Watch

Provides information on stocks, mutual funds, and financial indexes. Enter a symbol and click “Basic Chart,” “Advanced Chart,” or “Interactive Chart” to see prices over various time periods (days, months, years). Click “Historical Quotes” to look up opening, closing, high, and low price on any particular day. Click “Markets” > “Major Market Indexes” to see various market indexes (e.g., Dow Jones Industrial Average) with current values.

Bureau of Labor Statistics:  Occupational Outlook Handbook

Provides essays on hundreds of occupations. Each essay includes job outlook and employment data–which can be used to understand the size and expected growth in an industry.