Sensory Room

The Comfort Zone: A Sensory Room for Kids, Friends, and Families provides a controlled environment to support individual self-regulation and empowerment, and promote mindfulness, skill development, creative expression, and resilience. The room includes tactile activity panels, bubble tubes, peapod chair, floor mats, mirror, positive affirmation station, cushion walls, and a variety of fidgets, interactive activities, and lighting and sound options.

Room Hours and Reservations

One-hour room bookings are available during regular library hours, with the exception of 15 minutes prior to library closing. Walk-in use is welcome anytime the room is available.

Ask any staff member to book the Comfort Zone. You just have to provide your first and last name, email address, and phone number. Room bookings are for one hour and can be extended if no one is waiting.

Room Guidelines 

  • Up to six people can be in the room.
  • Room bookings are for 1 hour and can be extended if no one is waiting.
  • Guests under eight must be with a parent or guardian.
  • We encourage you to leave food or drinks outside the space.
  • The room can not be used for professional therapy without library approval.

Room Features

  • Bubble Tubes- Create a calming visual focal point.
  • Fiber Optic Lights- Manipulate the strands for visual and tactile stimulation.
  • Yoga Mat- Increase strength and flexibility with practice.
  • Sensory Floor Mats- Supports motor skills.
  • Peapod Chair- Applies deep pressure.
  • Affirmation Wall- Promotes positive self-talk and beliefs.