Strategic Direction

WPL-Strategic-Plan-2014-2020-22-x-28Waukegan Public Library’s Literacy 2020 Strategic Direction combines in one document the Board of Trustees-approved Strategic Plan and the Library’s internal Operating Plan, developed by staff members to work towards the Board’s vision. It enumerates ambitious, yet achievable, goals to measurably impact the community.

The Literacy 2020 Strategic Direction is rooted in community needs observed via a 2013 United Way survey and the 2012 WPL environmental scan performed through active engagement of community members by the library’s engagement team. As a civic organization dedicated to fostering learning and active pursuit of knowledge, and with its established community engagement, the library is uniquely suited to address these challenges. Waukegan Public Library’s Literacy 2020 strategy focuses on nurturing individual successes among our patrons so as to create a cumulative positive impact on the community.

You can download the document here:

Literacy 2020 Strategic Direction