Giving to the Foundation

Giving to the Foundation

Your gift to the Waukegan Public Library Foundation supports Literacy 2020: our bold strategic direction to measurably impact literacy among WPL patrons by the year 2020. Every dollar donated supports our work to deliver the classes and services necessary to achieve this goal.

FOUNDATION-LOGO-FINAL-2For many of our learners, literacy is the difference between an independent and a dependent life. Your gift will bridge that gap for our community. Make your gift by contacting Alicia Garcia, Development Manager, at (847) 623-2041 ext. 262, or via email.

Give Today

Your gift to the Waukegan Public Library Foundation will make a difference in the lives of our patrons. We accept donations through PayPal, and you can make a gift of any amount. You can also choose to make a recurring monthly donation which will provide ongoing support for our educational services. Every dollar donated impacts lives through learn. Click here to visit our PayPal site and make your gift today.

Donations to the Waukegan Public Library, a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, are tax-deductible.

365 Club

365 Club members make an annual gift of $1,000 to the Waukegan Public Library Foundation, committing to long-term investment in the work of the Library in our community. Through the generosity of our 365 Club members, the Foundation is working to build a strong base of support to ensure that the Library’s essential educational and library services continue to provide exceptional learning opportunities for our community.

Annual Giving

The Foundation gratefully welcomes recurring annual or monthly gifts and one-time gifts of any amount. Every dollar donated impacts lives through learning because every donation directly supports our essential programs and services.

Planned Giving

The Waukegan Public Library and the Waukegan Public Library Foundation are honored by your wish to include the Library in your estate planning. A gift to the Library is an enduring legacy of your commitment to bettering our community through literacy.