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Read Harder 2018: A Children’s Classic Published Before 1980

This week’s Read Harder challenge is a throwback to childhood: readers are asked to select a children’s classic published before 1980.  There are so many wonderful children’s books available, so we tried to narrow the list down a little bit for this post.  We also have an extended list on our website – just find […]

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International Mysteries

No matter where you are in the world, there’s always a mystery to solve. International mysteries let readers explore new cultures and continents, where concepts of crime and justice aren’t always the same as they are in the United States. We posted a list of international crime novels previously on the blog, but it’s been […]

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May is Mystery Month!

Booklist, a favorite book reviewing resource for librarians, has designated May as its official Mystery Month, and we all get to benefit! All month long, Booklist and its blog The Booklist Reader are hard at work promoting new mysteries, backlist mysteries, crime TV shows, favorite book series, and more. If you’re a mystery reader, this […]

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