Ray Bradbury Creative Contest

About the Contest

Each year, Waukegan Public Library hosts an annual creative contest for artists and authors in honor of Waukegan native Ray Bradbury. 

This year, writers and artists are challenged to create a work of art – poem, short story, or visual piece – that explores outer space. Ray Bradbury used his imagination to help readers soar past the earth’s atmosphere in the unknown – and now it’s your turn.

2017 Winners

This year, we received over 90 submissions for short stories, poems, and visual art. We are pleased to announce the winners:

Elementary School

Short Story Winners:
Jonathan Zhang, Hermes and Time
Bryan Li, Arrival
Julianne Ma, Allie and the UFO

Middle School

Short Story Winners:
Angelina Chau, The Waters of Xiil
Manav Shah, Rebirth
Grace Arnold, The Harvest

Poetry Winners:
Jade White, Empty Space
Luke Hsiao, A View From Outer Space

Visual Art Winners:
Kate Salinas, The Universe Around Me
Nancy Miiranda, A New Hope

High School

Short Story Winners:
Morgan Douglas, Lost in Space
Claire Lin, The Secret of Raum Odyssee
Christopher Hippensteel, The Creature

Poetry Winners:
Cindy Song, string theory
Esha Shrivastav, Palette
Sophie Regina, Stargazing

Visual Art Winners:
Emily Her, In the Heart of it All
Isabelle Rivas, The Future Past
Mickayla Narez, Galactic Void


Short Story Winners:
Margaret Young, In the Dark
Jennifer Tiedemann, Rosemary
Timothy McGlen, The Spaceship

Poetry Winners:
Troy Cunio, Love is Hard When You’re Actually a Space Alien
Rachel Conde, Swahili