Celebrating the Arts in Waukegan!

A Mural Is Coming to the Library
– Artist Submission Period is Closed –

The Waukegan Arts Council has graciously awarded Waukegan Public Library a grant to fund our mural project, “A Love Letter to Our Community.” We are currently interviewing Waukegan artists who submitted original work based on our required elements. In addition to helping supervise the project, the artist will share their knowledge and skills with a select group of community volunteers, whether it be an art lesson on painting techniques or mentoring them on the artistic process, and assist in developing motivational words and phrases to be used in the mural. We are excited that this project will provide kids and families a meaningful experience that will build their skills, foster creativity, and help them to become life-long art lovers. The selected artist will be paid based on their project quote and final contract negotiations. An outline of the project follows:

Wall Details & Dimensions:
  • Structure –The artist will be working with a brick wall that we can prep, and we are also open to suggestions
    of painting directly on the brick or adding a surface to it based on the artist’s recommendation
  • Dimension of mural area approximately 1500 sq ft
Tentative Timeline:
  • The artist is to start in mid-July to aid with wall prep and sketching
  • The project will begin in August – September 2023 and an unveiling celebration will be planned when work is complete
Elements that must be included – sample idea below: 
  • Colorful backgrounds like stained glass or a kaleidoscope
  • A white dandelion and its seeds
  • A person/people representing Waukegan’s diverse culture
  • Books or other library-related items


We are no longer accepting submissions at this time. All other inquiries or questions should be directed to: rcolin@waukeganpl.info