Seasons in the ELC

The logo for our new Early Learning Center exhibit features children dressed for all seasons surrounded by various symbols of each season: snowflakes for winter, flowers for spring, the sun for summer, and pumpkins for fall.

Earlier this month, we celebrated the grand reopening of the Early Learning Center’s brand-new theme, “Seasons!” With a wind tunnel, green screen, brand-new reading nook and more, the ELC is full of new activities and experiences for kids from birth through second grade to enjoy.

The ELC is designed to be a place for parents to engage with their kids and promote learning through play. Our team constructed a special house for each season with interactive activities for parents and children to try together. The activities are fun, engaging, and build skills that are important for success in school. In addition to core preschool skills – like letter and number recognition, sequencing and sorting, and color identification – the activities in the houses encourage imaginative play to mimic real-world experiences. Activities use manipulatives, toys, and colorful design to grab kids’ attention.

Each house also has its own “Learning Tree,” with activities that will change regularly throughout the year. And while most activities are designed for parents and children to enjoy together, the ELC also includes two iPad Pros and AWE computers to encourage kids to build their digital skills either independently or with the help of an adult.

The new space also features a redesigned arts & crafts area, with new tables that will make it easier for parents with strollers to create art projects with their children.

The Early Learning Center is made possible by a generous grant from North Shore Gas, which is committed to investing in the communities it serves.

Take a little tour of the ELC in the photos below – but the best way to experience it is to come and see for yourself! Visit the ELC in the Children’s Department at the main library.