Read Harder 2018: Read a Book With a Cover You Hate

It’s time to judge a book by its cover!

Today’s blog post will be a short one, because how can you pull together a list of objectively bad book covers for someone else? Beauty (and lack of beauty) is in the eye of the beholder, so we encourage everyone participating in the Read Harder challenge to find your own definition of “bad.”

That being said, if you’re really looking for a little guidance, you can check out the article I wrote for Book Riot on this exact Read Harder Challenge, where I list a few of my least favorite book covers and explain why.

And if you’re looking for permission to judge a book by its cover, you may want to read this article about a librarian who explains why judging book covers is sometimes a good idea.

We hope the books you pick are better than their covers!


Happy reading!

—Katie, Adult Reference