Read Harder 2018: An Essay Anthology

The end of the Read Harder challenges is approaching!  This week’s challenge asks readers to chose an essay anthology, which Book Riot defines as “a collection featuring multiple authors”.  We’ve compiled a wide range of topics that feature a diverse cast of authors for this list – for even more options you can check out our extended list.  As always, click on a cover or a title to place a hold.

Double Bind by Robin Romm
305.42 DOUBLE

“Perceptively identifying a paradox at the very heart of feminism, editor Robin Romm has marshaled a stunning constellation of thinkers to examine their relationships with ambition with candor, intimacy and wit.”


Our Stories, Our Voices by Amy Reed
305.4209 OUR

“This collection of twenty-one essays from major YA authors including award-winning and bestselling writers touches on a powerful range of topics related to growing up female in today’s America, and the intersection with race, religion, and ethnicity.”


Me, My Hair, and I by Elizabeth Benedict
646.724 ME

“In this collection of essays, women talk about their hair– and in doing so, offer up reflections and revelations about family, race, religion, ritual, culture, motherhood, politics, and celebrity. Layered into these essays you’ll find surprises, insights, hilarity, and the resonance of common experience. Many things in life matter more than hair, but few bring as much pleasure as a really great hairdo.”

Black Ink by Stephanie Stokes Oliver
814.008 BLACK

“Spanning 250 years, a collection highlights the hard-won literary progress of black people in America, who were once forbidden by law to learn how to read, with essays from Frederick Douglass, Solomon Northup, Booker T. Washington, Maya Angelou and many more.”

Cuba on the Verge by Leila Guerriero
972.9106 CUBA

“Spanning politics and art, music and baseball, Cuba on the Verge is a timely look at a society’s profound transformation from inside and out.”




Happy reading!
-Amanda, Adult Reference