NPR’s 2016 Book Concierge


If you’ve been following NPR over the last couple years, you may be familiar with their Book Concierge, a really interesting twist on the typical year-end book lists.  Instead of just linking to the books and their reviews, the NPR team creates a set of filters that lets you play around and find books based on different criteria combinations.  Want a list of titles that are funny AND great for your book club?  NPR’s got you covered.  Or how about young adult titles with great female main characters?  They’ve got those too.  Or what about a book that’s geared towards geeky music, art, and history lovers?  Of course there’s one on the list!  (Spoiler alert: it’s Hamilton: The Revolution.)

It’s a really fun way to discover new books based on whatever you’re interested in at the present moment, and best of all, NPR’s been doing this for a few years so you can visit their previous book concierge pages to find even MORE awesome titles to add to your list!  Click on a year to see past concierge titles from 2013, 2014, and 2015.


Happy reading!

—Katie, Adult Reference