New: Northstar Digital Literacy Certificates

The Library is proud to offer an exciting new opportunity for our community: Northstar Digital Literacy Certificates! With this program, you’ll be able to earn a certificate recognizing your computer skills. Northstar Digital Literacy is a national program which certifies an adult’s ability to use computers and software. While anyone can try a Northstar assessment on their website, only assessments completed at an official testing location earn certificates. WPL is excited to be the first official Northstar testing location in Lake County!

We all know that computer skills are important for success at work or in school, and they’re also becoming more important in day-to-day life, too. The Library’s free computer classes can help you learn how to use computers and develop the skills you need to earn a Northstar certificate.

The Northstar program is well-known and respected across the country. In fact, over 4 million Northstar assessments have been taken! The Library is proud to offer this as a free resource to our community.

Ready to learn more? Call 847-775-2547 to learn about the Library’s adult learning opportunities.

WPL’s Northstar Digital Literacy Assessment program is generously funded through a grant awarded through a local foundation that wishes to remain anonymous.