#GivingTuesday 2019: Literacy Changes Lives

This Thanksgiving week, we’re thinking about the many things we’re grateful for. At the top of our list? The daily transformations that occur thanks to our adult education and literacy classes. Throughout the holiday weekend and into next week, we’ll be sharing information about our adult learning services in support of our #GivingTuesday campaign! #GivingTuesday is December 3 – but the Waukegan Public Library Foundation is already accepting donations on Facebook. Our 2019 campaign is called Literacy Changes Lives, and we’re excited to bring you stories from our learners and our team to show you the impact of our work.

An adult learner works with a volunteer tutor at the Library. © steven e gross17919 Waukegan Public Library

When we think about transformation, we think about people – our learners, volunteers, and staff – who are all part of this essential work. We think about the stories of successful achievements and new experiences that we hear about every day. And we think about how “success” and “transformation” are different for each person.

Adult learners enroll in one (or more!) of the Library’s free, outcomes-based classes for a variety of reasons. Some are young people who know that they need to prepare for and earn their GED to get a new job or get on the path to a college degree. Others are parents who want to feel more comfortable helping their children with their homework. Some are working adults who know they need to develop their computer skills to succeed at work. Some want to live more independently by working on their reading or math; some want to live more healthfully by understanding nutrition and exercise; some want to try something new, because we all know that age is not a barrier to learning.

Be sure to follow along with us on Facebook and email to learn more about these classes and meet some of our learners, staff, and volunteers. Track our progress with #WPLforLiteracy!