Library begins search for new executive director

Waukegan Public Library has begun the search for its new executive director, in anticipation of Richard Lee’s retirement in January, 2018. Lee has been executive director of the Library since 2003. Under his leadership, the Library repositioned itself as a leader in developing responsive, needs-based library services that expanded upon traditional offerings, including a full suite of outcomes-based literacy classes addressing everything from English language learning, computer skills, access to healthcare, and basic reading, writing, and math skills for adults. The Library’s focus on providing relevant and responsive services was recognized in 2013 with the nation’s highest recognition for libraries, the National Medal awarded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Earlier this summer, the Board of Trustees of Waukegan Public Library voted to engage the search firm John Keister & Associates to manage its national executive search. The firm has just launched its search with a dedicated website highlighting the opportunity to serve our vibrant, diverse community.

As the search gets underway, we’ll post updates here! Please feel free to check out the search website. As always, we’d love to hear from you – please send questions and comments to Amanda Civitello, marketing and communications manager, at