High School Completion: Career Online High School

Earn your high school diploma!cohs-sidebar

Reach your dreams at the Library! We’re excited to offer a limited number of scholarships to adult learners ready to earn their diplomas and advance in their careers. Career Online High School (COHS) is an online high school diploma and career certification program. Students will receive all the support they need from a personal academic coach and the Library team to earn their diplomas within 18 months. Students will also graduate the program with a career certificate, which shows employers that students have the background knowledge they need to be successful in their field.

Who can apply?

In order to apply to the program, students must:

  • Be a resident of Waukegan
  • Be 21 years of age or older
  • Have completed the eighth grade
  • Have (or get) a library card

Students who qualify for the program must then pass an online self-assessment test. If students successfully pass the self-assessment, they must then complete a prerequisite course within 30 days. When the prerequisite course is successfully passed, students may then accept their scholarship and enroll in the program!


Take the first step in earning your high school diploma by taking the online Student Self-Assessment.


Learn all about the program here.

Need help?

Contact the Adult Learning Specialist to learn more at adultlearning@waukeganpl.info.