Children’s Department Collections

Child using a computer. © Steven E. Gross

In addition to our book collections the Children’s Department also has magazines, DVDs, audio books, and CDs.  We also have Internet and other computers available for use, as well as a checker/chess table and pieces, and puzzles. Please ask a librarian if you have any questions.

Board Books

You will find a wide selection of board books for your toddlers located in the Early Learning Center.


Beginning reader books are also located in the Early Learning Center.  They are shelved in alphabetical order by author.

Picture Books

Most picture books are located in the main part of the department, and we also have a fine selection of them in the Early Learning Center.  Many kids in second, third, and fourth grade can read these books.  These are also good books to read aloud to kids in kindergarten and up.

Series Books

We have a wide variety of Series books, like Junie B. Jones and Magic Tree House.  They are shelved alphabetically be series name.

Juvenile Fiction

Juvenile fiction books are in alphabetical order by the author’s last name.

Graphic Novels

Manga, superheroes, and other graphic novels are shelved in order by character (Superman) or title (Naruto).


The Children’s Department carries a number of magazines, including Discovery Girls and Zoobooks, plus some comic books.  They are arranged in order of title.

Rebecca Caudill Books

During the school year, the Rebecca Caudill books are on display.

Teen Fiction

Books designated teen fiction (up to eighth grade) are located in the Children’s Department.

Nonfiction Books

Nonfiction books are arranged in Dewey Decimal classification.  Biography books are located at the end of the nonfiction section.

Reference Books

Reference books marked with a yellow REFERENCE label can be used in the library and cannot be checked out.  They are shelved in order according to the Dewey Decimal system.

Audio/Visual Materials

The Children’s Department has a wide variety of Audio/Visual materials. The collection includes audio books, read-along books, DVDs, and CDs.


We have puzzles that can be used at the library and some to be checked out. They are located at the front of the department near the windows.

Spanish books

All Juvenile books in Spanish have “Sp” before the call number, and a label that says “Spanish” over the call number label. The Spanish books are shelved before the nonfiction books.

Parent/Teacher Collection

Books for parents and teachers are shelved in the Parent/Teacher Collection. They have labels with “Parent/Teacher” in green over the call number labels.  Books on raising children, designing lesson plans, craft projects, and home schooling are in this section. The Parent/Teacher Collection also has books for younger kids on sensitive issues, such as divorce, adoption, death, and hospitalization, so that adults can use these books to help kids deal with these issues.