3rd – 8th Grade

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3-8th Grade Programs

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Spooky Story Contest 2022 – Winning Entry

The Fallvania Last Zombie Attack by Caleb Johnson

Title image. Background is deep purple, with the silhouette of a leafless tree on the left, and a full moon at the top, slightly off center to the left. Orange text to the right of the moon: "Spooky Story Contest Winner." Below the text is a picture inset of a standing young child, dark skinned, red plaid shirt, smiling happily. Caption below the inset image, white text: "Story Title: The Fallvania Last Zombie Attack" Additional white text: "Caleb Johnson."

June to August-Digging in the Dirt and Planting Roots


September- Aguas Frescas and Crafts 

September- Mini Golf

October- Caramel Apple Decorating