Horror Movie Suggestions for a Spooky Weekend

The weekend is almost here, and you know what else is almost here?  Halloween!  The weekend before Halloween is my favorite time to binge-watch a string of horror movies, but there are so many to choose from, and the weekend is only so long!  To help you decide, I’ve pulled together a few different horror movies based on their scare factor, so pick the category that appeals to you the most and get watching!  Click on a cover to place a hold.

Classic Scares

the-birds   dracula   frankenstein   the-haunting

Spooky & Atmospheric

blair-witch-project   crimson-peak   rosemarys-baby   the-witch


the-babadook   it-follows   paranormal-activity   the-woman-in-black

Hilarious Horror

cabin-in-the-woods   final-destination   john-dies-at-the-end-dvd   re-animator

Intense & Disturbing

american-mary   devils-rejects   evil-dead   i-spit-on-your-grave

Happy watching!

—Katie, Adult Reference