Help figuring out, “Can I use this with my student(s)?”

One of the hard parts about tutoring can be finding appropriate reading materials about topics of interest for your student.  For example, you might think your student would really like the article about parenting from a magazine you get, but you worry it might be too difficult for him or her.  Here’s a resource to help:


This site allows you to type in or paste text and have the reading level calculated instantly based on several different readability formulas.  You can also enter a website and it will check the level of that website.  This will work best if you enter the whole link for the specific page you want your student to read.

You will notice that, especially for short selections, different formulas will give varying results.  It’s best to enter a sample of at least 100 words, preferably from the middle of a reading.  The different reability formulas each have their own strengths and weaknesses.  For readers at and below the 4th grade level for comprehension, I recommend following the Gunning-Fog Score.  For more advanced readers, use Flesch-Kincaid Grade Levels.

As always, when looking for new materials, please feel free to ask staff for support.  Hopefully this resource gives you a little bit more confidence when trying to bring your own readings into lessons.