Have You Heard About… Cherries in Winter

…how to get through hard times?  In Cherries in Winter: My Family’s Recipe for Hope in Hard Times, Suzan Colón writes with candor of her family history in hard times and includes a few wonderful, old fashioned, stick-to-your-­ribs recipes. This book is a history of sorts on how her family survived the Depression, with a ‘make do, can do, and we’ll survive attitude’ that is relevant today. This book is not so much of what has happened in the past, but of how Suzan copes with the present day economy and the loss of her job through reading her grandmother’s cookbook and journal.

Cherries in WinterIf you remember the hard times of the Depression, the 2000/2001 recession, or are just going through a rough patch financially, this extraordinary book is for you. Told with laughter and a few tears, this short read is wonderfully in tune with today. One of the highlights in the book is about mashed potatoes – how they were made way back when and how Suzan makes them now is a hoot. If you miss the humor in it, you need to go back and start at the beginning of the chapter. This book makes you feel like you can do anything you really set you mind to. I loved it!


Reviewed by Terry (staff)