Have You Heard About… You Couldn’t Ignore Me If You Tried

The Breakfast Club? Or Sixteen Candles? Ever heard of Ferris Bueller? Anyone? Anyone? Chances are, if you’ve been alive at some point during the last 25 years, you know about these classic John Hughes movies, which is why Susannah Gora’s new book, You Couldn’t Ignore Me If You Tried is a must-read for anyone who loves 80’s pop culture.

You Couldnt Ignore MeIn her book, Gora chronicles the history of the 80’s teen movie, beginning with John Hughes’ Sixteen Candles and ending with Cameron Crowe’s Say Anything. But this isn’t just a collection of facts from the Brat Pack days – Gora also examines how these movies impacted pop culture, and why they still resonate with viewers today. Even for those of us who didn’t experience the 80’s first hand, like myself, this book is still extremely interesting and relevant. Give this book a try, and see if it doesn’t make you relive your high school glory days!


Reviewed by Katie (staff)