Have You Heard About… Yellowstone Cubs

…Tubby and Tuffy, the bear cubs? These two are really not troublemakers in the DVD Yellowstone Cubs – they’re adventurous and curious. Yellowstone National Park is the playground for these two cute bear cubs as they decide to take a short vacation from mamma bear.

Yellowstone CubsThis Disney classic is from 1963, and the warning signs posted in the park that read “DO NOT FEED THE BEARS” still holds true today. While Tubby and Tuffy go for a boat ride, try spaghetti film for breakfast, or try to figure out the geysers in the park, mamma bear is looking for them. See the mischievous cubs when they when they discover the wonderful kitchen at the Old Faithful Inn. Narrator Rex Allen does an excellent job of describing the actions of these two adventurers.

This is a totally delightful, educational, short movie for the entire family to enjoy.


Reviewed by Terry (staff)