Have You Heard About… What She Wants

… a bunch of guys reading romance novels? Told from the male point of view, What She Wants, by Sheila Roberts, will have you laughing through the entire book. Nerdy computer geek Jonathan goes to a library used-book sale with his sister Juliet . He notices that the ladies looking in the romance sections are going gaga over the romance books by Vanessa Valentine. He asks is sister what the big deal is about these books and why everyone seems to want them. Juliet explains that women today want romance in their lives. They don’t want to be taken for granted; it’s not just the fantasy of what they are reading. With his 15 year class reunion coming up, Jonathan figures he needs all the help he can get to impress someone he’s loved since he was a kid, so he swipes one of his sisters books and starts to read it. When one of his poker buddies, Adam, is kicked out of his house for forgetting his wedding anniversary, he bunks in with Jonathan and discovers not just one but several romance novels that Jonathan is currently reading. Let the hilarity begin!

What-She-WantsCan a guy really learn something about today’s women by reading a romance novel and find what it is that a woman wants from reading a bodice ripper, a swashbuckler or a tycoon story. As any woman can tell you , the answer is YES! How Jonathan, Adam and the other poker buddies figure this out will have you in stitches. One of the poker guys is actually a romance writer, but you don’t learn this until you are well into the book. His perspective and deception and curmudgeonly ways will keep you on your toes. Does Jonathan get the girl of his dreams by applying what he’s learned from reading romance novels? Can Adam and his wife get back together?

Keep a big block of time for reading this book as you won’t want to put it down!

Reviewed by Terry (staff)