Have You Heard About… Waiter Rant

…about the insanity that comes from working as a waiter for too long? Steve Dublanica has waited tables in New York City for years and exposes the seedy, dishonest, and sometimes disgusting side of the restaurant world in his book Waiter Rant: Thanks For the Tip – Confessions of a Cynical Waiter.

Waiter-RantThe book covers all sorts of stories, from his first time waiting tables to the time he served Russell Crowe, to the couple who threw a conniption fit because they couldn’t get a “good” table in the back during the dinner hour. Dublanica has already classified himself as a cynic, but he spends a fair amount of time in the book analyzing why these customers (and other troublesome diners) behave the way they do. His conclusions point to an excess of narcissism and the prevalence of a culture based on instant gratification – a cynical and depressing perspective of the American population to be sure, but as Dublanica reminds us, 80% of the people coming into a restaurant only want to enjoy a good meal. It’s the other 20% that are raving psychopaths incapable of functioning in the outside world.

In addition, here’s a lot of insider information about how restaurants are run, why so many restaurants collapse under subpar management, and how some corrupt owners use blackmail and general bullying to keep their pockets lined and their employees obedient. Makes me grateful that I’ve never worked in the food industry before…

For anyone who works customer service or works with the public, there is a lot of relatable material in here, regardless of your profession. And for the rest of us who want to ensure a pleasant dining experience for everyone involved, there’s a list of tips on how to make the most out of your restaurant visit and how not to drive your waiter crazy.

Reviewed by Katie (staff)