Have You Heard About… Tragic Toppings

… a blueberry donut with chocolate frosting, sprinkles, stars and a sour gummy bear on top? You might think that this was the Tragic Toppings* of Jessica Beck’s new novel, but you’d be wrong.

Tragic ToppingsSuzanne Hart, owner of Donut Hearts, is up to her eyeballs in dough and mystery solving yet again. Her beloved recipe book has been stolen, and she has a hard time duplicating the yummy treats without it. Two people in April Springs are missing, and one turns up dead. Did one of them steal her recipe book to try to go into business for themselves or was it someone else? This book has lots of twists and turns and quirky characters that will keep you guessing to the very end.

It’s not necessary to read the previous books, but they are fun mystery cozies you won’t want to miss.

*The first four books in the series are Glazed Murder, Fatally Frosted, Sinister Sprinkles and Evil Éclairs.


Reviewed by Terry (staff)