Have You Heard About… Touchstone

… the real wizards of the theater? Far from our stage magicians, these men use true magic to create illusions of sight, sound, and even emotion for their plays. In Melanie Rawn’s Touchstone, readers follow a theatrical troupe from their start in cheap bars to their triumphant tour of the coveted Winterly Circuit. Their success is threatened by personal struggles, conflicts within the group, and the leader’s worries about his secret precognitive dreams.

TouchstoneMs Rawn gives us a suspenseful book with an intricate, unique form of magic. The four main characters and several of their friends are well developed. The plot is complex, mixing prejudices and political intrigue with the natural exuberance of young men who want to have a good time and celebrate their successes. Both the precognitive foreshadowing and a slightly cliff-hanger ending pave the way for a sequel. I’m looking forward to it!


Reviewed by Fran (staff)