Have You Heard About… Tooth Fairy 2

… Larry the Cable Guy in a pink tutu? Larry the Cable Guy plays Larry Guthrie, a bumbling but loveable guy who is trying to win his girl, Brooke, back from Beau, who’s running for mayor. In Tooth Fairy 2, Larry lets slip that there is no tooth fairy. Big mistake. The head of the tooth fairies, who looks like a kid, is actually 500 years old and hears of this grave misspoken mistake. In order for Larry to win Brooke back he has to be a tooth fairy, dressed in a pink tutu. Mean ol’ Beau steals new toys from Brooke’s after-school day care to make Larry look bad. You’ll crack up at all of the situations that Larry gets into. You’ll meet Crusher the pig who helps Larry along. Will Larry collect all of the teeth he needs to git-r-done and win Brooke back?

Tooth FairyThis is a DVD for the entire family. You won’t have to explain to little kids what’s real or isn’t. It’s magic! In the special extras at the end the Tooth Fairy/Larry explains why you lose baby teeth, which is pretty cute also.

If you enjoy this DVD you might also like to check out the original Tooth Fairy with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The very end of that DVD is well after the credits, and you don’t want to miss it.


Reviewed by Terry (staff)