Have You Heard About… Thunder Dog

… a man who was born premature and became blind after they put him in a sealed incubator and pumped in pure oxygen until his lungs matured? That was the procedure used in the 1940s for premature babies.

Thunder DogIn Michael Hingson’s memoir, Thunder Dog, you learn about his past and also about his guide dogs, particularly his guide dog Roselle. This story takes place on 9/11. Michael describes how he and Roselle survived such a horrible tragedy and how Roselle remained calm all the time even though people were screaming and panicking. Roselle guided Michael from the 78th floor through the stairs of the Word Trade Center with 12 floors above them already leaning to one side. You will learn about the strong bond between a blind person and a Seeing Eye dog. After reading this wonderful true story, people will have many different points of views and opinions of this story. Some people might focus on the blindness, others might focus more on the dog’s braveness, and others maybe only will be focus in how the events of 9/11 played out.


Reviewed by Esmeralda (staff)