Have You Heard About… This is a Moose

… the majestic moose, drinking from lakes, eating leaves, and dreaming of being an astronaut? In This is a Moose, a crew is filming a documentary on moose in the wild. Unfortunately, the director has a very specific idea of what moose do in the wild, and it does not include flying to the moon! The director gets more and more frustrated when the moose (and everyone around him) refuse to do what the director wants, until he forced to realize how unreasonable his expectations really are.

This-is-a-MooseAuthor Richard T. Morris and illustrator Tom Lichtenheld teamed up to bring us a great children’s book about stereotypes and prejudice. The story gets very silly as more and more animals are shown outside their “natural” roles. The illustrations include wonderful background details and several hints to the eventual outcome. Check out this funny picture book with a gentle message!

Reviewed by Fran (staff)