Have You Heard About… The Passage

… the terrifyingly realistic vampire apocalypse that destroyed 98% of the world? It’s a bit misleading to refer to Justin Cronin’s epic novel, The Passage, as a vampire novel, since these are not like any vampires I’ve read about before. In fact, this novel is really like nothing else I’ve read before either.

PassageThe novel starts in the time just before the outbreak, when two government agents are sent to track down a young girl named Amy who is a crucial part of a dangerous government experiment. When the experiment goes horribly wrong, one of the agents is able to move Amy to safety, but he is powerless to stop the destruction unleashed on the world. As the years pass and society attempts to rebuild itself, Amy remains ageless and alone…until she is united with a small group of people who believe that the secret to their survival lies deep in the Colorado mountains – where the apocalypse began.

It took me almost six months to finish this book, not because I was bored with the story, but because there was almost too much story for me to process at once. The scope of The Passage is enormous, spanning almost 800 pages and over 100 years in the story world, and it requires a strong commitment to see it through. But trust me: it is worth the effort. This wasn’t just an ordinary book. This was a rich and complex reading EXPERIENCE. The detail that went into this story is mind-blowing, but I never had a hard time keeping the characters or the plotline straight.

And for those readers who appreciate a good cliff-hanger, just wait until the very end of the book…the last sentence will have you yelling, “Are you kidding me?!” But in a good way, because then you’ll be committed to reading the second book in the trilogy. I haven’t started on that one yet, but I hope it’s as rewarding as The Passage.

Reviewed by Katie (staff)