Have You Heard About… The Next Always

… the historic hotel that is being refurbished in BoonsBoro, Maryland? In The Next Always* by Nora Roberts, the three Montgomery brothers and their very eccentric mom take over redoing an old inn. The descriptions are like reading a very expensive design magazine. Each room at the new inn will be named after a literary couple.

Next AlwaysIn this first book in the series, Beckett Montgomery is the main focus. He’s had a longing since high school for Clare. Clare is recently widowed with three small rambunctious boys, and she is not yet ready for romance. Can Beckett steal her heart? When Beckett has a “man night” (also known as babysitting) with Clare’s three boys, you’ll die laughing. With the help of a ghost at the inn, Beckett and Clare are meant for each other, but they don’t quite know it, yet. This is a wonderful, feel good, story you won’t want to miss.

* The next book in the series is The Last Boyfriend.


Reviewed by Terry (staff)