Have You Heard About… The Aeronaut’s Windlass

… the great new fantasy steampunk series by popular author Jim Butcher? The Aeronaut’s Windlass opens the doors of the Cinder Spires series – a fantastical world where people live in huge towers over the dangerous surface below. Travel, commerce, and war between the Spires are done by airships powered by great crystals. Battles are fought with swords and energy gauntlets. The fate of thousands rests in the hands of a rag-tag group of mad magicians, an airship crew led by a disgraced military captain, a half-breed warrior, and a pair of new recruits to the Spirearch’s guard. Fortunately, they have a cat to keep them in line.

Aeronauts_WindlassThis book is a great start to a new series. It has everything – fantasy, adventure, epic world building, intrigue, a touch of romance, hints at a hidden past and future horrors, and most importantly, a cat. (If you have any doubts about whether the cat is the most important part of the book, you can ask Rowl yourself. Jim Butcher obviously knows cats very well.) I highly recommend The Aeronaut’s Windlass, and I’m eagerly waiting for the second book in the series.

Reviewed by Fran (staff)