Have You Heard About… Snowblind

… the ice demons who travel through snowstorms?  Snowblind by Christopher Golden tells the story of a New England blizzard that hit twelve years ago, when eighteen people in a single town died or disappeared mysteriously. Families were torn apart, marriages were broken, and people all across town watched their loved ones die before their eyes. And in the middle of the storm, there were vague whispers about the “ice men.”

SnowblindFast forward to the present day, when most everyone is still afraid of the big snow storms that come their way, although no one has died in nearly a decade. But there’s a doozy of a blizzard coming up, and people all across town are acting strangely…almost as if they’ve become different people. And the whispers about the ice men are starting up again…

This book scared my socks off, and maybe it’s partially because of the monstrous winter we’ve had, but this is also just a fantastically spooky novel that doesn’t have to rely on blood and guts to scare people.  There is such an ominous, foreboding tone that seeps into every page of the novel and never lets up. Part of it is the fear of being stuck in a blizzard without heat/power/food, but there’s the undeniable supernatural presence as well, and this is where the real terrors lie. Christopher Golden plays upon our fear of the unknown by only giving us glimpses of the ice men…in the distance on a darkened road, behind a shed in the middle of a blizzard, in front of a second story window on a snowy night. It’s truly terrifying, to the point where I was jumping at tiny noises and having a hard time reading it in my empty apartment.

But there’s a surprising amount of emotional depth to the story as well. The grief, love, loss, and frustration that the characters experience is just as strong as the scary sections, and this is what sets Snowblind apart.  For anyone who thinks that horror is “just” about scaring the reader, I invite you to try this book.  It might make you look at horror novels a little differently.

Reviewed by Katie (staff)