Have You Heard About… Sigh No More

… British indie folk/rock group Mumford & Sons? Their debut album, Sigh No More, is wildly popular both at home and here in the US. It’s not hard to tell why after listening to the gritty vocals, heart-felt lyrics, and beautiful music.

Sigh No MoreLove is a running theme throughout the album – love of family, friends, lovers and God; heartbreak and heartache; deserving love and denying love; standing by those you love and standing up for yourself. The songs are a good blend of fast and slow, with strong rhythms that will keep your toes tapping. Winston Marshall’s banjo is particularly good, with intricate picking featured in several tunes.

The one downside I found is that the lyrics are occasionally difficult to make out against the music. However, a second listening (no hardship, I assure you) helps, as does looking through the accompanying booklet.


Reviewed by Fran (staff)