Have You Heard About… Relic

… how creepy museums can be after hours? Now just imagine there’s a monster stalking the basement halls of the museum, and you’ve got the premise for Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child’s spine-chilling novel, Relic.

RelicThe New York Museum of Natural History is set to unveil a huge exhibit with a prestigious gala, despite the fact that several guests and staff members have been viciously mauled by an unknown creature that seems to be living in the basement of the museum. Several employees and police officers have asked that the gala be postponed and the museum closed until they are able to stop the killings, but museum administration refuses. It doesn’t take a skilled reader to figure out that this is a horrifically bad idea.

Part creature-feature, part scientific adventure thriller, this novel rivals Michael Crichton at his absolute best, which is high praise coming from someone who spent a good chunk of her teenage years devouring every Crichton novel she could get her hands on. There’s just enough scientific detail to make the story plausible, and plenty of genuine creepiness throughout the entire story to keep the pages turning. Pure entertainment from first page to last!

Reviewed by Katie (staff)