Have You Heard About… Prep and Landing

…the elves who make sure everything is ready for Santa’s arrival on Christmas Eve? The elite Prep and Landing unit has the task of making sure everything will run smoothly when the big guy arrives – everyone is asleep, the child is on the Nice list, cookies and milk are provided, and all of the other details. Without them going ahead to take care of things, Santa would never have time to reach every house in one night.

Prep and LandingUnfortunately, Wayne has been working Prep and Landing for a long time, and he’s getting burnt out. Instead of the promotion he expected, he gets a complete rookie for a partner. Lanny thinks that being on Prep and Landing is the best thing ever, particularly with a great partner like Wayne to show him the ropes. When their mission is nearly compromised at one house, the two must work together to make sure a little boy isn’t disappointed on Christmas day. In the process, Wayne remembers why his job is as important to him as it is to the children he helps.

This movie could have easily become yet another overly-cute piece of holiday drivel. Instead, it balances sweetness, snark, and genuine comedy. The characters are believable and varied, and the animation is very well done. Renew your Christmas spirit with Prep and Landing!


Reviewed by Fran (staff)