Have You Heard About… Popped off

… the scum-bag who stole the youth soccer associations’ money? Moises Huber has a few gambling debts that he needs to pay in Jeffrey Allen’s Popped off*. He not only steals the money but also the trophies that each kid is supposed to receive at the end of the season. Deuce Winters is a stay-at-home dad, youth soccer coach of his 5-year-old daughter Carly’s team, the Mighty, Fightin’ Tiny Mermaids, and a part-time private investigator in Rose Petal, Texas. Being a stay-at-home dad is a novelty in Rose Petal. Deuce gets teased a lot, but he and his lawyer wife Julianne wouldn’t have it any other way. Deuce is asked to track down Moises and get the money and trophies back with the help of his partner Victor, who happens to be a dwarf.

Popped OffThe soccer scenes are hilarious. The banter between Deuce and Victor as they try to figure out where Moises is, is very politically incorrect and even more funny. The short chapters make this a very easy and fast read, but you need to really pay attention to all of the misconceptions and double talk while you are laughing, or you’ll miss the confusing yet satisfying ending. I enjoyed this book immensely.

* The previous book in this series is Stay at Home Dead.


Reviewed by Terry (staff)