Have You Heard About… Parasite

… the revolutionary Intestinal Bodyguard[TM]? With just one pill every two years, and occasional adjustments by your physician, all of your medical needs are managed for you. From allergies to diabetes to hypertension, your Intestinal Bodyguard[TM] takes care of everything. Would you take that one pill, to save yourself from daily pills or injections? What if I told you that the Intestinal Bodyguard[TM] is a genetically modified tapeworm?

ParasiteThis is the world of Mira Grant’s Parasite. Yes, most people are willing to deliberately infect themselves with a tapeworm to make their lives easier and improve their health. Intestinal Bodyguards have been shown to be safe repeatedly over the years, and no one has successfully proven that they were harmed by one of SymboGen’s carefully constructed creatures. However, a new disease is developing in increasing numbers, and despite SymboGen’s best efforts to control reports about the problem, it is starting to look like the Intestinal Bodyguards may be involved.

Mira Grant is the queen of the near-future thriller, and it looks like her Parasitology series will be every bit as exciting as the Newsflesh books. I can’t wait to read the second!

* Mira Grant also writes very good urban fantasies as Seanan McGuire.

Reviewed by Fran (staff)