Have You Heard About… Otherbound

… the Dunelands and Alinean Islands in the Gray Sea? Neither has anyone else in Nolan’s world, but he can’t get away from them. Every time he closes his eyes — to sleep, to rest, even just to blink — he is transported from his own life in Arizona to that of Amara, a slave on another world. Nolan has no control over what Amara does or sees or thinks, but he shares her thoughts, sees through her eyes, and feels all of her pain and pleasure. He would do anything to be free of her, and she doesn’t even know that he exists.

OtherboundThis is the story of Corinne Duyvis’ Otherbound — two teenagers trapped together, neither with full control of their lives. Seeing two worlds is constantly distracting for Nolan, and when Amara is scared or hurt, it can be impossible for him not to be distracted by her world. Nolan’s family thinks he has a rare form of epilepsy, and his parents are doing everything they can to find the treatments that will help control his “seizures.”

Amara is a slave in service to the deposed princess, fleeing for their lives from the mages who want to kill her. Amara is forced to take on every punishment the princess might otherwise suffer because her own magic allows her to heal from almost any injury. Finally, one of the medications helps Nolan get some control over his connection to Amara, and they start to learn more about the mages of her world and the power that binds them together.

This is a fascinating fantasy adventure story with two teens caught up in circumstances (almost) beyond their control.

Reviewed by Fran (staff)