Have You Heard About… One Cool Friend

… the dapper little boy and his best friend? One Cool Friend, by Toni Buzzeo and David Small, tells the story of a very proper boy who makes an unusual friend during a trip to the aquarium. When he asks his father if he can bring home a penguin, the distracted man assumes he means a stuffed penguin and approves. Father continues to be oblivious as Elliot and his new friend Magellan skate and share a snack, but even he realizes what’s happening when he finds a live penguin in the bathtub. Fortunately, Elliot’s father is very understanding since he has a friend of his own.

One Cool FriendThis is a lovely story about finding the perfect friend. Elliot is a shy, formal boy. Even his stuffed animals are shown in shades of grey. Elliot seems to unwind only around his penguin, Magellan. In contrast, his father is enthusiastic and colorful, if a bit clueless about his son. Still, the two humans are obviously fond of one another, and both love their unusual friends very much.


Reviewed by Fran (staff)