Have You Heard About… Nimona

Nimona… the supervillain Ballister Blackheart? His new sidekick is the shapeshifter Nimona. She’s a huge fan of his villainy, but she’s actually far more bloodthirsty and amoral than he is. Lord Blackheart is an old-school anti-hero, with style and cunning plans where almost no one actually gets hurt. Ambrosius Goldenloin has been his nemesis since they were in training together at the Institution of Law Enforcement and Heroics. Goldenloin and the Institution betrayed Blackheart, starting him on the path of villainy, but they have been evenly matched for years. Now Nimona is breaking the status quo – encouraging Blackheart to do more and killing people herself. When Nimona and Ballister discover that the Institution’s director is stockpiling poisons, they start down a dangerous path that will change the entire kingdom.

If you like clear-cut heroes and villains, this probably is not the graphic novel for you. Noelle Stevenson’s story will make you think about good and evil, right and wrong, and what happens when even the heroes and villains aren’t sure which side they’re on any more. Just when you think you understand everything, new information is uncovered as both backstories and the current situation are explored slowly over the course of the book.

Reviewed by Fran (staff)