Have You Heard About… My Planet

Mary Roach’s short essays that were published in Reader’s Digest for several years? I’m quite familiar with her hilarious science writing, but these Reader’s Digest articles were a big surprise for me. And even though My Planet: Finding Humor in the Oddest Places doesn’t have the sophistication or the subject matter of her previous novels, I managed to LOL through this entire collection of Roach’s fabulous reflections on domestic life.

My-PlanetI’ve heard a couple of reviewers refer to this as bathroom reading – short essays designed to be read in the span of a few minutes – and that’s probably the best way to approach this book. Trying to read large chunks of the book can be a little exhausting, especially when you realize just how many essays are included, but two or three provides a perfectly sized dose of her trademark humor. Such as:

“Like any normal couple, we refused to accept each other’s differences and did whatever we could to annoy the other person.”


“A family is a collection of people who share the same genes but cannot agree on a place to pull over for lunch.”


“Not long ago, a mysterious Christmas card dropped through our mail slot. The envelope was addressed to a man named Raoul, who, I was relatively certain, did not live with us.”

Quite frankly, I don’t really care what Mary Roach writes. She’s just too darn funny for her own good.

Reviewed by Katie (staff)