Have You Heard About… Mr. Wuffles

… the greatest cat toy ever? Mr. Wuffles has lots of toys – mousies and balls and fish, toys with feathers and bells and string — but one day he finds the best toy ever! It’s metal, not quite round, with a ledge around the middle that’s perfect for carrying it. Mr. Wuffles loves this toy!

Mr-WufflesThe aliens inside, however, are devastated by the damage one terrestrial cat has done to their spaceship. They need to get away from this monster and find a way to make repairs. It will take the help of some friendly ants and ladybugs for the visitors to manage to find supplies and escape the enthusiastic cat.

David Wiesner’s book is a wonderful science fiction story for the very young. It is almost wordless, but the illustrations are so well done and the characters are so expressive that words aren’t really needed. (Aliens and insects don’t speak English anyway.) Mr. Wuffles, in particular, is perfectly portrayed as a cat who has finally found a toy that is truly fun!

Reviewed by Fran (staff)