Have You Heard About… Miracle

… Christmas with a twist?  Connie Willis collects eight of her short stories to make Miracle, and other Christmas stories.  These stories take a slightly twisted look at the holiday season, both religious and secular.  Mary and Joseph take a wrong turn through a modern church on the way to Bethlehem.  People get what they truly want for Christmas, whether they know it or not.  A self-centered, impatient, manipulative man gets what he deserves.  An odd trio has their own epiphanies and search for the second coming of Christ.

MiracleMost of the stories have a fantasy, horror, or science fiction angle, although where the line between magic and miracle falls will depend on the reader.  Connie Willis ends the collection with her recommendation of twelve things to read and twelve things to watch this Christmas.  This is one of the books I frequently re-read in December to remind myself of what Christmas is really about, what it should be about, and how much worse my family and work-place gatherings could be (even without alien invaders).


Reviewed by Fran (staff)