Have You Heard About… Man Made Boy

… the son of Frankenstein’s monster and the Bride? Jon Skovron tells his story in Man Made Boy — a teenager who feels even more alienated and out of place than most. Boy grew up in a small haven for monsters, surrounded by creatures of mythology, many of whom looked down on his family for being science-based instead of magical. Boy’s skills with computers let him communicate with the outside world, and he craves real freedom as he gets older and feels increasingly trapped in the small, safe world where he grew up. When he has the chance to get out, he grabs it, but the real world is very different from his expectations.

Man-Made-BoyThis is a wonderfully-written book with great characters and world building. Boy’s isolation and oddly-sheltered childhood leave him very naive in some ways. It takes him a long time to stop simply reacting and become willing to find (or make) his own place in the world. Skovron does a great job of showing Boy’s increasing maturity as he gets bounced from one incident to another until he finally takes a stand and starts making his own choices. The story is filled with action, humor, and romance, plus some lessons on the responsibilities of parents (or creators) to their offspring.

This very powerful book made me laugh and cry, and it made me think about families and what we create.

Reviewed by Fran (staff)