Have You Heard About… Love Finds You in North Pole, Alaska

… the disfigured, grumpy guy who hates Christmas and doesn’t care much for chocolate either? In my book that would make him an alien, but in Loree Lough’s book, Love Finds You in North Pole, Alaska,  you meet the grump himself, Bryce Stone, a former marine who was hurt during the Afghan was. He thinks that Christmas is too commercial, but he’s the owner of a kitschy Christmas shop that his parents left him. His aunt Olive runs the place, and she’s something of a mind reader. Samantha Sinclair came to North Pole, Alaska, for a job as a chef in a fancy restaurant, but when the job falls through, she ends up working for Bryce and his aunt. Aunt Olive has a secret of her own and sees in Sam something that Bryce desperately needs – a special understanding of his problems in dealing with how the war affected him and his lack of faith in God.

Love FindsSee how Sam gets Bryce to stop feeling sorry for himself. Sam grew up with seven older brothers, and she’s spunky and spontaneous. She knows how guys think. Can Sam and Bryce see eye to eye on running the shop, a tragedy and new found love? You won’t want to put this funny, endearing book down, so be sure to have a lot of time to just sit and read.

North Pole, Alaska is a real place, and the town is open with Christmas spirit 365 days a week, 24 hours a day.

*Love Finds You in North Pole Alaska, is part of the Love Finds You series of unconnected inspirational romance novels.


Reviewed by Terry (staff)