Have You Heard About… Library Lily

… The little girl who loved to read? When Lily learns to read, her mom takes her to the library to get her very own library card. Lily loves to read. Thin books, fat book, new books, old books, touchy-feely-furry- type books, any type of book you can imagine is a great adventure. Lily likes to read so much that she is called Library Lily.

Library LilyGillian Shields does a terrific job in describing how Lily forgets to do much of anything else. When Lily goes to the park, instead of playing, she has her nose buried in a book. When her mom tells her to go and have some fun, Lily walks around and reads all of the different signs. All of a sudden another little girl, named Milly, comes along. Milly hates to read. Milly would rather be playing. In becoming friends, these two forge a friendship where they learn to have great adventures together outside, exploring and then reading about all the exciting adventures in books. In fact, they learn that it’s a great big world outside to explore, and you can always find the most perfect book at the library to go with what you find outside and more!


Reviewed by Terry (staff)