Have You Heard About… Jurassic Park

… why genetically engineering dinosaurs is a bad idea? (Of course you have – who isn’t familiar with Jurassic Park by this point?)

Jurassic-ParkI got hooked on Michael Crichton’s novels in middle school, so it’s really strange to review a book I’ve read as often as Jurassic Park.

The plot is fairly well known by this point: genetically engineered dinosaurs are created and placed in a nature reserve/park in Costa Rica. Chaos ensues. But it’s not the plot that will determine whether or not you enjoy this book – it’s whether or not you enjoy Michael Crichton’s writing style.

He masterfully fuses science and science fiction with high-adrenaline thrillers, and does a great job of explaining the science and technology to the average reader, who probably doesn’t know much about genetics or supercomputers or paleontology. In fact, I always feel smarter after reading a Crichton novel because of how he never dumbs down his material. And even though the technology he describes is quite antiquated, his novels still manage to feel current.

The book, like the movie, has aged remarkably well. If you’ve seen the movie but not yet read the book, now is the time to pick it up. Crichton is a master and Jurassic Park is a novel that everyone needs to read at some point in their lives.

Reviewed by Katie (staff)