Have You Heard About… Horns

… the guy who went to bed drunk and woke up with horns growing out of his head? Joe Hill’s aptly titled horror novel, Horns, begins just like this when Ig Parrish wakes up with a fresh set of horns and the supernatural power to control other people’s actions. And soon after he discovers these powers, Ig goes out to solve the mystery of his girlfriend’s death one year previously and wreak vengeance on anyone who may have been involved.

HornsIg is a disturbing, yet sympathetic, character motivated by childhood experiences and driven mad by the loss of his girlfriend. But even though demonic forces are clearly at work here, don’t expect a traditional story of good versus evil or demonic possession. This is a surreally, darkly comic and quite touching horror novel that focuses more on the human evils of lust, desire, and greed, which are often scarier than supernatural monsters. A good choice for seasoned horror fans who are looking for something a little out of the ordinary.

Reviewed by Katie (staff)